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ACFA   Madison, WI   MADISON CAT CLUB 8 07/05/16 07/09/16
ACFA   Cologne, MN   GRANITE KITTY CAT CLUB 8 08/01/16 08/06/16
ACFA   Louisville, KY   KENTUCKIANA CAT CLUB 8 08/27/16 09/03/16
ACFA   Dartmouth, NS   BLUENOSE CAT CLUB 10 08/27/16 09/09/16
ACFA   Menasha, WI   FOX RIVER VALLEY CAT CLUB 8 09/05/16 09/10/16
ACFA   Joplin, MO   OZARK MOUNTAIN CAT FANCIERS 10 09/12/16 09/17/16
ACFA   Des Moines, IA   CAT-N-AROUND CAT CLUB 8 09/25/16 10/01/16
ACFA   Orlando, FL   ACTION CENTER CAT CLUB 8 10/03/16 10/08/16
ACFA   Cedar Rapids, IA   FRIENDLY KAT FANCIERS OF IOWA 8 10/10/16 10/15/16
ACFA   Lacy, WA   NORTH CASCADES CAT FANCIERS 10 10/16/16 10/22/16
ACFA   Moose Jaw, SK   PRAIRIE FELINE FANCIERS 12 10/22/16 10/29/16
ACFA   Orlando, FL   COAST TO COAST CAT CLUB 8 11/01/16 11/05/16
ACFA   Janesville, WI   JANESVILLE CAT CLUB 6 10/31/16 11/06/16
ACFA   Crown Point, IN   TIMACS CAT CLUB 6 11/21/16 11/26/16
ACFA   Orlando, FL   MAINE STREET 8 11/28/16 12/03/16
ACFA   Crown Point, IN   RACING CAPITAL CAT FANCIERS 8 01/03/17 01/07/17
ACFA   Lutherville-Timonium, MD   HIDDEN PAW CAT CLUB 8 01/22/17 01/28/17
ACFA   Kissimmee, FL   COAST TO COAST CAT CLUB 8 01/30/17 02/04/17
ACFA   Loves Park, IL   ROCK VALLEY CAT CLUB 8 01/30/17 02/04/17
ACFA   Branson, MO   SOUTH CENTRAL RENDEZEVOUS 8 02/27/17 03/04/17
ACFA   Kissimmee, FL   COAST TO COAST CAT CLUB 8 03/06/17 03/11/17
ACFA   Crown Point, IN   DUNES CAT FANCIERS 8 03/06/17 03/11/17
ACFA   Gettysburg, PA   CATFEDERACY CAT CLUB 8 03/13/17 03/18/17
ACFA   West Fargo, ND   MINN-KOTA CAT CLUB 8 03/25/17 04/01/17
ACFA   Chippewa Falls, WI   CHIPPEWA VALLEY CAT CLUB 8 04/02/17 04/08/17
ACFA   Lacey, WA   NORTH CASCADES CAT FANCIERS 10 04/02/17 04/08/17
ACFA   Hopkins, MN   GOPHER STATE CAT CLUB 10 04/15/17 04/22/17
ACFA   Wausau, WI   CENTRAL WISCONSIN CAT CLUB 12 04/24/17 04/29/17
ACFA   Pinellas Park, FL   GULF COAST TOUCH OF CLASS CAT CLUB 12 04/24/17 04/29/17
ACFA   Springvale, ME   SEASIDE ALLBREED CAT CLUB 8 05/08/17 05/13/17
ACFA   Kissimmee, FL   COAST TO COAST CAT CLUB 8 05/22/17 05/27/17
ACFA   Crystal, MN   CAT TALES CAT FANCIERS 8 05/26/17 06/03/17
ACFA   Fredericton, NB   CHICKADEE CAT CLUB 10 05/27/17 06/03/17
ACFA   Winnipeg, MB   MANITOBA CAT CLUB 8 06/24/17 07/01/17
ACFA   Louisville, KY   KENTUCKIANA CAT CLUB 8 08/26/17 09/02/17
ACFA   Dartmouth, NS   BLUENOSE CAT CLUB 10 09/02/17 09/16/17
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